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Real-time performance data for team leaders
RoadPower is the first real-time cycling dashboard for race cyling team leaders.
It offers power, cadence and hartbeat data, live during a race. Imagine adapting your tactics during a race based on this live data!

Team Delta Cycling showcase: see how it works during the Dutch National Championships
Team Delta is the first cycling team that takes advantage of the Roadpower dashboard during the national Dutch Cycling competition on June 25th 2017. The race will take place from 11:30 until approximately 16:30. As a showcase, the real-time data of the Team Delta cyclists will be displayed on this website during the race.

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Roadpower metrics

W'Bal - W'Bal shows how much energy a rider still has left at any point in the race. When a rider delivers power above his critical power, he will become exhausted and deplete his anaerobic work capacity. When the rider is below critical power he will recover and refill this energy to use it at another time in the race.

Power - The amount of energy put into the pedals by the rider. The more power the rider delivers, the more exhausted he becomes. Power is expressed in Watts.

Heart rate - Shows the number of heartbeats per minute.

Speed - The speed at which the rider is moving.

Cadence - The number of pedal strokes per minute.