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Road Power is an Amsterdam based start up. It was founded after Jim and Thomas had been drinking beers discussing the role of data in cycling last January. It turned out that the majority of team leaders have no performance data of their riders in the team car and therefore, miss a fundamental piece of information during a race. This came as a surprise, because in this era where data plays such an important role, they assumed that this would have been built years ago. After a bit more thinking and a lot more beers, Jim and Thomas came up with a plan to send data from riders to a live dashboard.

Coming up with a plan is one thing, having a working system is a different game. Therefore Harmen and Wolter came aboard to help on the realization and before long, there was a proof of concept with a simple web application that could show Power, Cadence and Speed in real time. The performance was amazing and the delay between bike and dashboard was no more than a few milliseconds. Next to that, in the database, the power data was immediately processed to calculate how much energy each rider still has left in the tank (W'bal or the amount of anaerobic work capacity left). This allows team leaders to make tactical and strategic decisions in the race based on what riders actually still have to give.

This was starting to look good for the Road Power team, but the website did not look so good yet. Frank noticed this and offered his designing skills to make our message crystal clear and our dashboard super fancy.

Road Power is built by cycling lovers who have worked on it next to their daytime jobs out of a passion for data and sports. It is far from a finished project. Therefore, the first big test is the Dutch National Championships on the road where we invite everyone to come check out our dashboard at For the occasion we are working together with the Dutch continental team Delta Cycling who will be geared up with Road Power equipment. This is done to show everybody how cool the Road Power technology is. We are still looking for both customers and investors, so if you are interested, do not hesitate, but contact us.